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Across from the historic Ferry Building at the beginning of Market Street awaits one of the jewels of San Francisco.
Every day of the week you will find our community of artisans selling hand-made arts and crafts.

We are open daily from 9am to 5pm or later.

Featured Vendors

John Tunui

Watercolor artist and author John Tunui.

Dana Boyko Fused Glass Creations

For the past 13 years I have focused on the art of creating handcrafted glass nighlights and colorful jewelry designs combined with quality sterling silver. You may stop by my booth in San Francisco any Saturday weather permitting or you may visit my online Etsy boutique. If you have a special request please feel free to reach out!

Email: dana@danaboyko.com. Phone: 415-215-7422.

Teahouse Glass

Beautiful one of a kind handmade glass. Jewelry: necklaces, bracelets and more.

Born for color.

The Wood Elfin's Workshop

I have been working with wood in one form or another for quite some time but discovered the lathe fairly recently and fell in love with what can be done with it. I have found the joy of creating beautiful bowls, peppermills and many more items.


We are ceramic artists. Our work is individually made out of clay then glazed and fired in our studio in Northern California.

We started our business in 1974 as San Francisco Street Artists. Soon after we got a license to sell in Berkeley on Telegraph Avenue. Over time we branched out to sell at Art Festivals and markets throughout California and beyond.


Bohojoro - Jewelry that makes Your eyes smile. Handmade in San Francisco. Shop online (click logo above).

Steampunk Garage

Where Hardware Meets Fashion.

A Thousand Words Photography - Jill Gustafson

Lucinda Page Designs

Lucinda Page, a Bay Area artist, has been producing jewelry for over 20 years. In her jewelry, Lucinda uses mixed metals of pewter, copper and bronze, and various textured, oxidized, lacquered, etched, and brushed finishes. She ornaments pieces with precious and semi-precious stones, glass nuggets, and pearls. She also makes earrings and pendants of cast pewter and 24 karat gold vermeil.

Her organic designs have a timeless, archetypal beauty. While wearing Lucinda’s jewelry, women feel special, confident, vibrant, spiritual, beautiful and luxurious. Women see her work as different and unique.

Lucinda has earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pins to enhance any woman in any outfit. She sells her jewelry at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco on Saturdays.

Michael Addario Fine Art Photography

Originally from the east coast, I now make the San Francisco bay area my home. I use different mediums and techniques from Polaroids to Panoramic images. I do commercial and personal work both commission and non-commission, but I mainly enjoy when people buy my art to show and appreciate in their home or workplace.

Diana Samuelson

Puppets crocheted with natural fibers, original designs. Phone: 415-305-1107.

Lee Wolfe

Graffiti Photos from around the world.

Studio Chiyori Art and Jewelry

Studio Chiyori represents the inspirational art work of artist Chiyori Filion and her amazing meditative abstract creations. The journey of discovery that we all share is captured in Chiyori’s art and shared with everyone through her studio store.

Chiyori’s jewelry represents an extension of her meditative work and captures the colors of the celestial wheel of life. If archeology is the door to our collective social past, then art is the window to our collective souls.

Linda Pedersen

Email: three_umbrellas@yahoo.com


Multifunctional, changeable, meditative, wire toy, jewelry holder and much more for you to create. "Open your eyes to the beauty of life" and play "MANDALA." Phone: 415-775-1797. Email: zbdoros@pacbell.net.

Astrid and Christian

We have been involved in the Arts long before we moved to the Bay Area in the 80's. Our approaches have been non-traditional, our conception has become unique. Our goal is to give something different, special. A signature in itself.

We experimented with many mediums until we found what fit best to accomplish our creations. Copper, sterling silver, glass and stones are our basics, but our minds don't restrict to those materials. We start by cutting, twisting, torching and shaping all the components necessary. We then proceed with the soldering to obtain the final shape. Details prevail in our work, forms are important.

Great Coats

Greatcoats is a family business located in Berkeley, California. We've made the coats for twelve years and sell them through street fairs and art shows throughout the western United States. A fusion of fashion and function, the coats are lightweight, warm, washable and made to last.

Jax Hatz

Jax put herself through art school in San Francisco where she learned about color and design, all the while designing and dreaming of hatz. She became a Visual Merchandiser (window trimmer) for the Emporium until its untimely demise in 1996, which left her career in limbo. This is where she likes to say that fate and destiny intervened. At a friend's urging and insistence that she should be selling her hatz and armed with the knowledge that enthusiasm and a creative spirit could probably make up for her lack of business acumen, she launched Jax Hatz.

Katie Carrin

I have fond memories of beachcombing as a child with my grandfather who took me camping along the Northern California Coast. He would spend hours with me on the beach while I collected sea glass and sea shells.

Since then, I have traveled to many places around the world collecting sea glass for my jewelry designs. The most beautiful sea glass that I have found comes from a beach on the North Sea in England and is the focal point in my unique line of genuine sea glass, pearl and gemstone jewelry. I use a rainbow of sea glass colors in my necklace and earring designs including rare reds, oranges and multi-colored pieces. To see my beautiful creations, please visit my website.


I love turning trash into treasure. This line of jewelry is colorful, fun and good for the environment. If you are a Starbucks card collector this is the perfect way to wear your collection....and if you are not a collector you will be charmed by the colorful and whimsical images in this unique line of jewelry.

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